A family


Fructera is the fruit of the Médeville family synergy: the alliance between two centuries of winemaking know-how and the innovative approach of the younger generation.

First, there are Jean and Marc Médeville. 7th generation of winegrowers on the family property and passionate about this profession, the two brothers perpetuate the tradition by making authentic wines of great quality and extreme consistency.
Then, there is the next generation: Charles and Anne Médeville, 8th generation. Accustomed to help out since their childhood, the brother and sister put on their boots and join their father and uncle on the family estate, bringing a new perspective.

Together, they imagined a crazy project: to (re)discover Bordeaux wines in a simple, fun and authentic way through a 100% winegrower brand: Fructera.

All along
the vine

Fructera wines are made by a wine-loving family who wants to share their passion and know-how with you.
Take a closer look at what’s behind your Fructera bottle.

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