Made with love To suit your desires All along the vine
Fruit of the earth


to Fructera

Inspired from the Latin “Fructus Terrae “, which means fruit of the earth, Fructera wines are made by a wine-loving family who wish to share their passion and know-how with you.

Our story
In the vineyard

This land has been our family heritage for 200 years, respecting it is the assurance that it will offer us its best fruits.

In the cellar

In this place where the magic happens, we work on the authenticity of our wines so that each of them fully expresses the richness of its terroir.

In our bottles

Fruit and love, that’s all !
And if you take pleasure in tasting them, that’s the most important for us

To suit your desires

Fructera wines

m a d e w i t h l o v e
All along the vine

Take a closer look at what’s behind your Fructera bottle.